In 2018 south africa experienced one of the harshest lockdown's globally in response to the covid 19 outbreak. for 35 days no one was allowed to leave their home except to access essential services. toni mccann was one of millions who's life would be altered without even contracting the coronavirus. The visuals we were receiving from italy's outbreak were terrifying, we had no idea how it would play out here, but we were sure things would not be the same afterwards. toni very bravely agreed to document her experience of living without human contact during the lockdown. She did so incredibly honestly, without fear of being vulnerable to the camera, which she explains became a therapeutic practice for her. The product was a very relatable piece which encompasses the importance of social contact.
This was a unique project as I could not have any contact with the protagonist, and it is seldom the filmmaker and the protagonist are living the same experience. as i received video updates each morning it blurred the lines between wanting to be a friend and help, versus allowing her story to play out. witnessing how she faced up to her challenges day to day gave me the motivation I needed to deal with my own challenges of the time. something I'm sure you will relate to. a true inspiration. 
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