after being block from operating in native Australia for illegal mining practices, MSR turned its attention to pillaging the west coast of south africa for sand minerals. in support of protect the west coast (PTWC), who is challenging MSR (and other mines) actions in court, dom 'the runner' decided to take action in his own way. by running the length of the west coast he aimed to make people fall in love this this unknown corner of the world, and in so doing make one realise just what we have to lose if mining is conducted in an uncontrolled manner. he contacted me based on my experience with unfold, and the privilege of movement, and we gelled instantly.
the campaign was multi faceted, disseminating media after each chapter of the project with the objective to encourage as many people as possible to join us on the runs and experience the west coast for themselves. the more people we could rally up, the more support there would be for PTWC. our efforts won the support of most locals in the region, saw many runners complete their longest runs ever, and most importantly created an immersive experience which is impossible to disregard. 
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