the eden to addo corridor is a 360km ancient elephant migration route that has fragmented due to human activity and hence no other species can now traverse this region. as the new keystone species clyde berning and myself decided to trace the footsteps of elephants in an attempt to reopen the corridor to all species. this project was in support of the eden to ado corridor initiaTIVE who is securing property to allow the free flow of all species in the region. if all goes to plan this may see the last living elephant in the knysna forest reunite with her herd in Addo.
this film was successful in securing funding which has been invested in property being converted to private reserve.
personally it was incredible to travel with a conservation biologist amongst other experts in the field, and be able to learn about the intricate biodiversity of the region which is only really accessible on foot. it deepened my experience from 'UNfold' and drove home the realisation just how intricate, but fragile our landscape is. 
Images by kevin schnider and damien schuimann
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