The Salt River Morgue is the busiest in the world having 3 600 admissions per year. Most of these are stabbings, gunshot or car crash victims.
The way in which we lose those close to us plays a major role in the way we associate with death and how it will affect our lives from that day on. Salt River Forensic Services (SRFS) has the responsibility of managing unnatural deaths in Cape Town, South Africa, a city with one of the highest murder rates in the world, and so making SRFS one of the busiest morgues in the world handling around 3 600 cases a year. With empathy and a commitment in seeking justice, they undertake each case of homicide to make sure each offender sees their day in court and receives justice for their action. In a constant battle with the poor operations of the police force and justice system that currently leaves only 5.2% of firearm homicides to reach a verdict in court, SRFS have had to take it upon themselves to make sure that crime scene investigation (CSI), family counseling, and cause of death investigations are all carefully managed to ensure that a thorough case can be presented in court with no opportunity for defendants to be wrongfully released due to inconclusive evidence.
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