They had their eye set on being the world champion adventure racers, but fate had other ideas. Some of the things that make a victory so rewarding are the struggle and fail, risk and disappointment, that needs to be overcome in order to fully appreciate what it feels like to have a flawless performance. Perpetually in the shadow of victory, this part of competition is often overlooked, but is far more common that winning.
Team painted Wolf had to face this reality at the Adventure racing world championships in Reunion in 2018. with true sportsmanship they embraced their defeat and sunk their thoughts into what went wrong, why defeat is important, and what they can learn from the experience. 
I don't come from an Ar background, but the philosophy that Painted wolf brought into their racing broadened my mind to what sport is, and the role it can play in life. ALthough we could not celebrate, I learned more from this race and witnessed more depth into humanity than in any other. 
Training camp in Spitkoppe - click on image to view film
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