So this weekend I learned that theres more to muscles than meets the eye. Walking in with a rather stereotyped idea of what the bodybuilding and fitness world was all about, my perspective was kicked into context pretty quickly over the two days I spent backstage at the Mr & Miss Fitness SA Pageant, entertainingly themed ‘The Greek Gods and Goddesses’.


The enthusiastic voice on the other side of my phone calls and emails turned out to be none other than a former Gladiator, Diamond (I got to get a TV soon to prevent more of these ‘Who are you moments?’ from occurring), a nice touch when the organizer is a celeb, running the show, and still has time to sort out the little people.


Anyway, before I rattle off about my experiences I thought I’d show you what the scene is all about. This is a 2 part blog, starting off with what you, the audience, missed out on if you weren’t at Grand West on Saturday. Next week I’ll give you the ‘behind the scenes’ cut on what goes into making a show like this.


Congrats to all competitors! I was well impressed with what you put together. It was far more than I expected to stumble upon.