In some places difference is celebrated, in others it is ostracized. In isolated events response to difference is generally a subconscious action, but in places where two differences meet, the product of actions is heavily contrasted against its execution.

On the border between the United States of America and Mexico two worlds meet. They could not be more different. The differences are so extreme that the region has become its own entity. Here people live in contrast, one cannot hide from it, but this is only because they are next to each other. Its existence is based on two livelihoods that live far apart, but who are dependent on each other in one way or another. It is the understanding and treating of the ‘other’ that determines a relationship as symbiotic or parasitic. This is best exposed where two worlds meet.

Borderline is the imaginary line where worlds meet. It is the divide between right and wrong. It is a wall of ignorance that has to be destroyed. It is the frontier that has to be crossed in order to make progress.

This is a chronicle by a person from a third world – an outsider to the environment, but a commoner to the conditions. This is a series of observations and thoughts extracted from a process, in search of a conclusion.

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